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  1. We were invited to London academy senior school as some students picked Charlie Charges On as their charity to do a presentation for and hopefully win a prize.

    The amazing children got the runners up prize of £250 for us. We were so grateful the children picked us and to the judges for choosing us. Charlie would be so happy. Thank you


  2. As we come to an end of 2015 we head into another new year without Charlie but we have achieved lots this year and are very proud. 

    Charlie's auntie Natalie kicked off the year with a rounders match raising £65.00 

    We attended the brain Tumour research event at Westminster to support the invest in a cure manifesto. 

    Our mad hatters tea party followed shortly after sponsored by Theoco and with help from the amazing 'wish upon a party' raising over £800 

    Huge thanks again to Hayley MacNamara for arranging wear a hat day at The Orion and Goldbeaters schools raising, £372.67 and £362.43 

    The Inn on the park, st Albans raised a fabulous £60.77 for us through their raffle.

    We also ran the colour obstacle run raising just under £2000.00 which was a fantastic amount.

    The metropolitan Greek police staff association picked us as one of their nominated charities which was lovely to hear.

    Charlie's friend Rhys raised £100.34 to mark his last week of primary school. 

    Chrissi Hart sold her books at the New York Book Expo donating $170.00 to us from her sales.

    We had our Greek night fundraiser and raised an amazing £2561.07

    We placed another four more tiles on the brain tumour research wall of hope at the research centre in London and we have more tiles still to add to them. 

    Charlie's sister and friends sold drawings at school and raised a wonderful £22.61

    Thank you so much to all our team and everyone who has helped in anyway no matter how small we couldn't do it without you. 

    Thanks to our sponsors this year and for the prize donations we are always immensely grateful. 

    Very importantly thank you to all our supporters who support our events we could not be a success without your support and we are very grateful to each and every one of you.

    With all your help Charlie Charges On now has a total figure raised of £23.072.14 to help fund brain tumour research. Please continue to help us keep our darling boys memory alive. 

    Wishing you all a happy healthy New year 


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