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chrissi 3Chrissi Hart is a licenced (child) psychologist, author and podcaster.

A few weeks after Charlie was diagnosed, his Godfather Pierre came accross Chrissi's book 'Under The Grapevine' which was about a very sick child who was miraculously healed many years ago by a local Saint, (St Kendeas) of Cyprus. 

In the continuing correspondence with Chrissi, Pierre discovered that the child healed was in fact Chrissi Hart's grandmother.

Pierre asked Chrissi for her prayers and she kindly sent Charlie an icon of St Kendeas and has kept in touch ever since.

Three years after we lost Charlie, Chrissi gave us the wonderful news that her new book "Tea With The Queen" would be dedicated to Charlie and the main character in the book would be named after him. We were immensely happy and proud that Charlie's memory could continue in this way. There is a very special dedication to Charlie on the inside cover of the book.


We were delighted to hear that Chrissi was at the York Book Expo at York Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania, selling her book whilst also raising funds for us from sales of "Tea with The Queen". The Book Expo was on Saturday 17th October, which was the same date as our next event in England, 'Greek Night' so Charlie was charging on from America to the UK that day! Chrissi raised $170.00 for us from this event.

We are ever so grateful for everything Chrissi has done to help us keep Charlie's memory alive. Please click here if you would like to buy Tea With The Queen from Amazon. It is also available from Barnes and Noble Nook Kids.

Please click here to see a special interview Chrissi has done about her books where at the end she talks about Tea With The Queen, why she dedicated it to Charlie and highlights the lack of funding that Brain Tumour Research recieves.

click here to see Chrissi's website.

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